The (Wonderful) Diversity of Wine – and Wine Writers!


Port is also Wine - and Cool says Miss Vicky!
Port is also Wine – and Cool says Miss Vicky Wine!

Our Feed of the Month on MyWineDaily is Jamie Goode’s Wine Blog. He is rightly a popular writer with his column in The Sunday Express and various wine and drinks publications. He came to wine writing via the slightly unusual route of editing books and a  Ph.D in plant biology, has had a couple of books published, been awarded for his journalism and made numerous TV appearances.

Yesterday we highlighted an approach to wine that tries to make sense of its complexities with straightforward language and humour, for wines at the bottom end of the price range  – perfectly valid in our opinion. Jamie’s latest piece addresses this from a different perspective, asks questions about how to ‘deal with’ the incredible diversity of wine that he details and – rightly in our opinion – celebrates it.

We think that he, The Wine Curmudgeon and we could probably agree that the most rewarding way for the drinker and wine lover, however knowledgeable or inexperienced, to approach the mass of choice available, is to treat it as a lifelong adventure and always try new wines as well as those that we know we’ll love. How complicated can that be?!


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